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What you should know about the Casa de Papel/ Money Heist

La Casa de Papel became overnight into a Spanish success of international quality; the same actors are surprised and talk about how their life took a 180-degree turn because there is no place in the world where La Casa de Papel is not known. We invite you to know everything about this incredible series.


La Casa de Papel is the story of a perfect robbery carried out at the National Mint and Stamp Factory of Spain. A mastermind that is embodied in the Professor’s character, who has been planning this coup for years, covering all the details that can go wrong, since for it to be a perfect robbery, nothing can fail.

The Professor is the Leader of a group of people, all with different life histories, but one characteristic in common, they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. The teacher selected each of them, and despite having serious doubts, the Plan seemed to be perfectly woven, so they accepted the job.

This story, which has been a success, presented as a series by the Netflix platform, has managed to capture international attention and recognition, forcing the scriptwriters to give it continuity, maintaining the quality and the expectation of their followers, without falling into the mediocrity of the story.


La Casa de Papel begins as a Spanish series televised on Antena 3; it had an excellent local reception; however, it was not as successful as they expected despite the great story that the plot keeps. Thus, Antena 3, the Spanish television station, did not invest in La Casa de Papel’s new season. It would be a debut and farewell.

However, Netflix executives did believe it could become a popular series and bought the rights to the first season. They were not wrong; La Casa de Papel was an international success, and the investments to generate the second, third, and fourth seasons began immediately.

From the comments that are made in the television medium, there is much more about La Casa de Papel and the followers of this incredible story, which in principle has a certain resemblance to a real-life robbery, are still waiting for its development as they wish to know what happens with the life of each of the thieves and with the magnificent theft, for which the recordings of the fifth season have already begun.

It is essential to comment on this incredible series’s characters, where each one of them comes to life through excellent actors and makes up the team of thieves. Hence, the performances are masterful since there is nothing to imagine; we see each character as an entity. The characters have city names, so we will meet Tokyo, a young woman who has a robbery on her criminal record, in which three people died, including her boyfriend.

Berlin is the Leader of the group, Moscow an expert in the construction of tunnels, Rio is the king of computing, Nairobi a forger with great experience, Denver is the son of Moscow, who participates in the robbery as a condition of his father and finally the strength of the team that are Oslo and Helsinki.

Each one of them was selected by the Professor, too, in this way, form the team. Knowing the main characters that give life to the story, we will comment on each of the seasons that have been televised up to the time of writing this article.

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Season 1

The first season of this incredible series is based on the Professor’s childhood, which puts us in the plot’s context and allows us to recognize where the idea of ​​making the perfect robbery came from. His name is Sergio Marquina, part of his childhood and youth; he had poor health that kept him bedridden in a hospital for an extended period.

His father, who always visited him, entertained him by telling him great and incredible robberies and armed robberies. Of course, these stories entertained him, but he never imagined that they were from real life. He realizes this when his father is shot to death at the doors of the Banco Hispanoamericano.

The idea of ​​robbing the Casa de la Moneda y Timbre did not come from young Sergio; it was one of the plans that his father had told him in the form of history. Sergio Marquina and his half brother Nelson Fonollosa, who takes the name of Berlin in the thieves team, begin to plan the spectacular robbery from a very young age.

The Professor has specific legal characteristics that make him the perfect person so that no one suspects him, among which his clean background record and a DNI or identification card that he has not updated since he was 19 years old can be highlighted. To start the Plan, recruit each of the people with the perfect profile to do the job.

After being able to convince them, they take refuge in a farm to prepare to carry out the robbery. When everything is ready, the big day arrives, and everything begins to go according to Plan. The thieves’ team enters the Casa de la Moneda y Timbre, while the Professor remains in a hangar from where he directs the operation. Tokyo has a confrontation with the police at the gates of the Mint, but without consequences.

The Professor is the negotiator, within the Plan is, of course, having hostages, but only to make time to continue with the Plan and not harm them. For his part, the Professor is the negotiator for the delivery of the hostages. Other important characters are present in the plot, such as Inspector Raquel Murillo, whom he will meet in person, and Deputy Inspector Ángel Rubio.

Even though everything is going well, an error in Rio makes the police identify him; when he calls the Inspector to request support with food and medicine for the hostages, Inspector Raquel lets him know that she already knows who it is. And urges him to surrender.

However, ProfessorProfessor’s audacity allows him to communicate with Berlin and inform him about what happened. He also realizes that the police know of two of the team members; however, he continues to talk with the Inspector Raquel, whom he met in a bar; however, she does not trust, and a clear suspicion looms. Then he begins to use his false identity as Salvador Martín, managing to convince and confuse the police.

Studying the Inspector’s life, the Professor finds a way to establish a courteous relationship between them and takes the phone while at the bar with her; thus, he manages to enter the police force and return it to her. There begins to be a clear attraction between them.

There is a rebellion among the thieves who do not want to follow the Plan, a medical group is sent to attend to the Director of the Casa de Moneda y Timbre, who had been wounded by the police. The Professor identifies that Sub-inspector Ángel enters as an infiltrator, so he calls Berlin to inform him. At that moment, another phase of the Plan was launched, which they called the “Trojan Horse,” Angel’s lenses were prepared to obtain first-hand information.

A series of situations in which love, betrayal, and manipulation are found begin to emerge, which sets a series of plans by the police, which the ingenious Professor faces and surpasses.

One of his tactics for the robbery to be carried out successfully is maintaining direct contact with the police. But the Professor falls in love with Inspector Raquel and she with him, without knowing that he is the mastermind of the Plan. The police find the place where the guidelines were dictated, and the negotiations were carried out; it is a great find, and perhaps the end of everything.


Season Two is the outcome of the robbery at the Mint and Stamp. Remember that the first season culminates in discovering the country house that was the Professor’s command center, where the police obtained evidence and DNA traces.

All plans fall apart. The Inspector obtains the Professor’s identity, and the police are very close to the Leader’s steps. There is no contact between the Professor and her thieves team, which becomes a situation that gets out of hand, where Tokio is expelled from the Mint and detained by the police. The season unfolds in a case where the Professor does her best to keep her Plan afloat and her relationship with the Inspector.

But Raquel is removed from the case and accused of conspiracy. In a fit of anger and frustration, the Inspector enters the Mint, and between shooting and the chase, the thieves manage to exit through the tunnel.

The Plan works, and they manage to do the robbery, but they lose Oslo, Moscow, and Berlin. Raquel meets the Professor and forces him to surrender, but he manages to escape. One year after the theft through some postcards, Raquel works to find the Professor’s whereabouts; she travels to the island where she fled, and there they meet again.


This season includes new characters to the plot, such as incorporating the renowned actress Najwa Nimri as Inspector Sierra. Instead of losing the attention of its followers, the story turns out to be the opposite; it gets more interesting.

After perpetrating the biggest robbery in history by stealing new money from the Mint, the Professor sets out on a mission to rescue Rio, who was captured by a Tokyo mistake. The Professor decides to reunite with the band members and carry out a new plan elaborated by his brother, Berlin, who died in the robbery of the House of the Currency.

This is a new robbery, this time from the Bank of Spain, which will serve as a screen to rescue Rio. The gang is joined by the Inspector Raquel Murillo, who assumes Lisbon’s pseudonym, and Mónica Gaztambide, a hostage of the first robbery who falls in love with Denver, be called Stockholm.


The fourth season takes place at Banco España, where a series of situations occur that break the Professor’s team. They are not prepared for the worst with Nairobi injured; the police have the problem on their side.

Lisbon had been captured and is enduring heavy interrogations from Inspector Sierra. However, the Professor believes that she is dead, the plans fall apart. Marseille sides with the gang, and they make alliances with the police in exchange for money. Thanks to Antoñanzas, the Professor manages to know that Lisbon is alive and starts “the Paris plan”, which is her rescue and release from the police.

Inside the Bank of Spain, everything collapses. They try to save Nairobi’s life, and Palermo betrays the group for not agreeing with Tokyo being in command of the mission; this fragments the group. Palermo frees Gandía, a dangerous head of security for the Governor, who kills Nairobi.

The Paris Plan turns out to be successful, and Lisbon meets with his colleagues at the Bank of Spain. But the team is not prepared to lose one of the team members. Alicia Sierra, already removed from the case, discovers the Professor’s hiding place.


The plot of La Casa de Papel is rich in characters that show facets of life and how each of them can be faced, making decisions under challenging opportunities. Each of the characters in the Casa de Papel is played by well-known and well-known actors and actresses, among whom Álvaro Morte, Úrsula Corberó, and Itziar Ituño are developing the leading role.

There are also Paco Tous, Miguel Herrán, Alba Flores, Pedro Alonso, Enrique Arce, Jaime Lorente, Fran Morcillo, Esther Acebo, María Pedraza, Darko Peric, and veteran Kity Manver. In each new season, new characters are added to the cast that enriches the staging of this plot that has captivated many people in the world.

Hovik Keuchkerian joins under the name of Bogotá, Najwa Nimri as Alicia, Fernando Cayo as Tamayo and the Argentine Rodrigo de la Serna as The Engineer, who accompany the aforementioned and Juan Fernández, who is also part of the cast that gives him life to the characters of La Casa de Papel. We are going to meet each of the characters in this exciting and enigmatic series.


Álvaro Morte, a renowned Spanish actor, who has had several performances in some television series of the Antena 3 channel, gives life to the character of Professor Sergio Marquina, one of the roles that have given the actor more opportunities, who humbly acknowledges, which came at the best time. This leading role gave him international recognition.

The Professor’s character is the intellectual actor of the entire Plan to carry out the robbery of the Casa de la Moneda y Timbre, who, together with his half brother, built and analyzed each of the steps to follow to carry out the perfect robbery.

With childhood and youth full of the tales and stories that his father told him, through the character, they give us a sample of the influence that parents can have on their children and how they can shape what they will be as adults.


Úrsula Corberó built an artistic career from a very young age; she began at the age of 13, playing roles on regional TV, Spanish TV, and cinema. This time, it is up to her to give life to Tokyo, another leading role that adds to her already nurtured professional career; however, this character gave the actress international recognition.

Tokyo is the narrator of the House of Paper; it is through her that we learn about each of the characters’ lives about the situations that develop in the plot. She has a love affair with Rio and recognizes the Professor as her guardian angel. Through this character, we know loyalty.


Miguel Herrán has an exciting story about the beginning of his career. He was with a group of friends when they meet actor and Director Daniel Guzmán on the streets, from whom they ask for a photograph and an autograph.

Guzmán, without missing an opportunity, told him to make a movie with him. Miguel Herrán went to the casting and landed the role of Darío in the film “In exchange for nothing,” which won a series of awards, including the Goya award for the best new actor in 2016.

The rest is history. In 2017 Miguel played Rio, a young man with an incredible ability to computer science, who is invited to be part of the gang to carry out the biggest robbery in history.


Darko Peric was born in Kladovo when Serbia was part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; despite being a veterinarian, he was always attracted to art from a very young age. He arrived in Barcelona, ​​Spain, in 2004, complemented his acting studies, and began to develop secondary roles until, in 2010, he achieved a leading role in a television series in the country. It is permanently established in Spain.

As an actor, he achieves leading roles, but the real part that catapults him to stardom is Helsinki, in the series La Casa de Papel. He is a man of good feelings and has a beautiful family but is in a difficult situation, so he agrees to be part of the gang to carry out the perfect robbery and his brother Oslo. He manages to create bonds of affection and friendship towards Nairobi. The character shows us about the difficult decisions and the fulfillment of the word when he is determined.


Francisco Tous is recognized as Paco Tous. He has a successful career. The theater is his passion, but he has had experience in all stage presentations such as film and television. He has performed leading roles that have conferred him recognition.

Now it is up to him to play Moscow, an expert in demolitions and tunnel excavations, who agrees to be part of the team of thieves who will carry out the robbery at the Mint, however, he accepts it on the condition that his son was also part of the band. For his outstanding performance, Paco Tous was a candidate for the best supporting actor in 2018 at the Feroz Awards.


Pedro Alonso is a graduate of the Royal Higher School of Art. His somewhat timid beginnings in television series were left behind when he played Diego Murquía in the series Gran Hotel. Still, fame came with the interpretation of Berlin in the series La Casa de Paper. Berlin is the half brother of Sergio Marquina, the Professor, together they are the architects of the Plan to carry out the perfect robbery.

The character is a sample of brotherly love, regardless of whether they are children of both parents. His interpretation and nature are so important that even after his death, he appears in the series with a significant influence on the protagonist and the plot.


From an artistic family, Alba Flores wanted to be an actress from a young age and left the musical side that she inherited from her family in the background. She has had an essential artistic career despite her young age. He has worked in film, theater, television, and also in music. Her recognition comes with the interpretation of Saray Vargas in the series Vis a Vis, obtaining credit with the Ondas and Unión de Actores Awards.

That same year came to the Casa de Papel’s opportunity to play Nairobi, a character in which the producers had no doubts so that it was Alba who played him, so he did not have to perform casting. Nairobi is an expert in counterfeiting, a key piece in shaping the group.

Nairobi had a son he could not raise because of his criminal life; like all the group’s companions, he has nothing to lose. It is essential for the achievement of the objectives, and as the seasons of the series progress, the audience’s affection is won.


Hovik Keuchkerian’s career is a real roller coaster, an elite athlete; then, he entered acting with his monologues, and by chance, he is a comedian. In this way, he began to forge his professional career. Her participation in Lost gave her success and prizes at 17 Spanish festivals and eight international competitions.

His career is full of awards, but it is with the character of Bogotá that he obtains international recognition. Bogotá is the father of seven children, the reason for him more than enough to be part of this new Plan that seeks to rob the Bank of Spain, although, in reality, the Professor wants to rescue Rio. He ends up falling in love with Nairobi, with whom he, unfortunately, does not have a happy ending.


Esther Acebo began her career as a presenter and reporter; she studied acting. Started as a host of popular children’s shows. Then I went to television, cinema, and theater as everyone is surprised by the success of Casa de Papel, which gives her international recognition by playing Mónica Gaztambide, one of the thieves’ hostages and also one of the main characters, which provides robustness to the plot. Stockholm syndrome is identified in nature, who transforms her life and becomes part of the band after falling in love with Denver.


He has a career in different television series, has acted in theater, and got his first starring role on television in 2017. He has the opportunity to play Denver, the son of Moscow, who embarks with his father on this adventure of carrying out the robbery perfect.

He loses his father in the robbery development and ends up finishing his work, managing to be recognized for his actions. He is the one who maintains control of the hostages and ends up in love with Mónica Gaztambide, with whom a plot develops that is torn between Stockholm syndrome and true love.


Itziar Ituño Martínez is a television, theater, and film actress. Jump to popularity giving life to the Inspector Raquel Murillo in the series La Casa de Papel, obtaining national and international fame. Her character takes a 180-degree turn from being part of the police force that seeks to arrest the thieves of the Mint and Timbre, being persecuted for being part of the gang, falling in love with the Professor, and being blamed as an accomplice. This is how she embodies Lisbon, the new member of the group of thieves.

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Apart from the main characters, other characters complement the story that unfolds in this plot, where it seems that everything is lost and ends up being part of the Plan, which gives the audience a good dose of uncertainty and mystery that keeps you hooked on the next season.

Enrique Arce plays the character of Arturo Román, the Director of the National Mint and Stamp Factory of Spain. He ends up losing more than his job, after the robbery and becomes a self-help guru

María Pedraza as Alison Parker, the daughter of the British ambassador to Spain, and becomes one of the hostages. Kiti Mánver as Mariví Fuentes, who plays Raquel’s mother and suffers from Alzheimer’s. Rodrigo de la Serna as Martín Barroti, who gives life to Palermo, a friend of Berlin, and co-author of the Bank of Spain’s robbery.

Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra Montes Inspector of the National Police Corps. Luka Peroš portrays Marseille as a new member of the gang to rob the Bank of Spain. Fernando Cayo, as Colonel Luis Tamayo and Belén Cuesta as Julia Manila, Moscow’s niece, acts as an infiltrator for thieves among the bank’s hostages.


Due to its outstanding international success, the series La Casa de Papel received the Emmy award for best drama series. It is the first time that Spanish television has obtained an award of these characteristics. Álvaro Morte and his interpretation of the Professor’s character in La Casa de Papel has earned him several nominations, including the Feroz award for the best leading actor, the Union of Actors award for the best leading actor, and the Zapping Award for the best actor.

For her part, Úrsula receives, for the first time, a nomination for Best Leading Actress at the Feroz Awards, and is nominated for the MIM Series in the category of Best Dramatic Actress. Pedro Alonso He was the winner of the best supporting actor for the Union of Actors in La Casa de Papel’s famous series.

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