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One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 9 Dubbed Online HD

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 9 Dubbed Online HD

One Punch Man season 2, episode 8, was unbelievably awesome. In this one, we could see the monsters attack the stadium of the Martial Arts Tournament. Goketsu appeared and killed some people. He gave the heroes a chance to either eat monster cells and become more powerful and monsters or die. Some ate the cells and turned into monsters and began to wreak havoc.

Then Suiryu appeared, defeated the newly converted monsters, and then faced Goketsu. However, Goketsu proved to be even stronger than him. Suiryu was beaten to death. Then Bakuzan turned into a monster and started beating Suiryu again. Suiryu was crying in pain and was asking for help. Saitama, also is known as One Punch Man, appeared and told Suiryu that he had heard his cry for help and also told him that he had done well, while Saitama himself walked towards Bakuzan to fight him.


One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 9 Plot:

Once more, Bakizan, somewhere with more confidence but is still scared, is forced to fight against Saitama again. Saitama notices all the fighters who got their asses kicked throughout their fight with Bakuzan and are now lying motionless while Bakuzan speaks about his latest looks or beast figure. When Saitama and Bakuzan start fighting, Bakuzan tried to eliminate Saitama and, finally, tries to depart off Saitama with a huge smash and is beaten very easily by Saitama, which didn’t include a lot of action scenes. Suiryu gazes in reverence while witnessing a half bodied beast with the blood of blue color dropping off the monster’s body. While Suiryu tries to understand that what’s the deal with Saitama, he tells that because a hero hunter is roaming around the city, he got aroused to learn martial arts by participating in the martial tournament.

Suiryu warns Saitama to not go anywhere near the monster and stay here because monsters have a mini-revolution and explain how powerful is Goketsu, the monster who transformed Bakuzan into monster form.  In hopes of a desirable challenge and regularly seeming to pick up great fights to satisfy himself, Saitama asks about the location of Goketsu. While Suiryu freaks out of the derangement of this guy, Saitama walks off while overlooking him. After a few seconds, Goketsu’s head flies in and lands next to Suiryu while he is narrating an emotional monologue that completely shocks him, and he freaks out for a moment. After a while, when Saitama returns, he asks Suiryu to be quiet about entering the competition illegally. He asks Saitama to become his sensei and make him his disciple to which Saitama directly refused.

Saitama suddenly realized that all the monsters are nowhere to be found on his way home and also thinks deeply about his purpose and why he has become what he is today, a hero.

After a while, King came out of nowhere and started giving him advice regarding hair implant. Saitama explains his condition to the King, where his problem can not be solved using a simple solution. King goes on to suggest to him regarding some simple ways to overcome depression. Like, if you are sad, go on a holiday, if you are lonely, pick a hobby. Still, King is unable to understand what Saitama feels right now.

Also, somewhere further away in a forest, a sexy ninja guy has his practice interrupted by two guys ambushing him. Do they come from the same village? They do have some funky face tattoos as he does. They also have some very fancy outfits. 

OPM Episode 2×9 Spoilers:

Bakuzan will attempt to deal with a serious blow to Saitama, but it will not cause him any harm, and in return, Saitama will kill him with a single blow. Then we will see Suiryu warning Saitama about Goketsu, who is a monster with the best martial arts skills.

He will argue for Saitama not to confront him as the people around him need him, but Saitama, just after hearing that there is a martial arts monster, will get excited and leave to face Goketsu. Saitama will then fight Goketsu and kill him with a single hit and send his head flying towards the stadium and near Suiryu, who will be so shocked at how powerful Saitama is.

Suiryu will urge Saitama to take him as his disciple and help him become a pro hero. It’s amazing how Saitama has been able to change Suiryu’s mindset about professional heroes completely. Monsters and other heroes have also played a role in Suiryu, now trying to become a hero. Saitama will refuse to accept him as his substitute since he already has one. Genos is still trying to recover after suffering at the hands of Goketsu.

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