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One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 8 Dubbed Online HD

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 8 Dubbed Online HD

Saitama was supposed to be the next scapegoat of the monster’s association since everyone else is already defeated, but the plot took a fantastic turn for both monsters and heroes.

The focus will be extra on Goketsu in this episode of One Punch Man. S Class heroes, including Metal Bat and Genos, are already taken down by the monsters. Genos face Goketsu while he was on his way to Martial Arts Tournament to beat Saitama, but Genos was trashed within flashes even without him understanding it. 


One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 8 Plot:

Suiryu, who won the tournament, knew from within that he is no equal to Saitama. Unlike most rivals of Saitama, who resolves to become more powerful and fight Saitama and beat him again next time like the Ninja Guy, Suiryu’s goal was unusual, which was never to see Saitama ever. After this scene, some monsters appear accompanying Goketsu, who beat Genos in only a few seconds. Their main objective was to illustrate that human beings are weak, and they should become monsters too and join the monster’s association.

The trick of converting to a monster was to gulp down a complete monster cell. The person with the glass ate the cell first. Following him, the perfect genes one also ate the entire cell. Afterward, a few more individuals ate the monster cell, which transformed them into monsters. Suiryu was severely knocked up by Goketsu, who asked a girl out and beat a lot of other monsters. Goketsu snaps his hand, after which Suiryu understood that he couldn’t win against this monster. While Goketsu was slaying Suiryu, Lightning Max and Snek came to help him against the monsters, but it wasn’t beneficial. Goketsu left after being called but commanded other monsters to finish off Suiryu, and the second Suiryu was about to give up, Saitama arrived.

On the other hand, Garou kept his eyes on WatchDog Man when beating the monsters very easily. But when he decides to attack the WatchDog Man, he realizes he is faster and more powerful than expected. This is going to be exciting.

OPM Episode 2×8 Spoilers:

One Punch Man season 2 is in full swing and all the glory. It’s getting interesting with each passing episode. One Punch Man, aka Saitama, participated in this tournament as Charanko. Saitama faced a large-mouthed opponent in the contest’s semi-finals, and unsurprisingly, Saitama defeated him with a single punch once more.

On the other hand, Suiryu was in another semi-final competition and defeated his opponent with a single hit. This set up an exciting ending to the Martial Arts Tournament between Saitama and Suiryu. All the contestants thought that Suiryu would be the overall winner in the contest, but the loyal fans that we know that Saitama is much stronger even by the likes of Suiryu, who has been undefeated all his life.

In the episode, we saw Suiryu using his kicks that almost displaced Saitama’s wig. The crowd thought she was defending her head, but in reality, she was holding her wig. Saitama told her to show her martial arts moves, and she did so, and in the end, Saitama concluded that martial arts is just a fancy way of fighting and was not impressed by it.

Suiryu finally removed Saitama’s wig from his head. So after this, the judges concluded that Saitama should be disqualified because he wore a wig, which means that he committed an illegal act and broke the competition’s new rules. Thus, the winner of the recent Martial Arts Tournament was declared Suiryu.

This didn’t sit well with Suiryu because he knew that he hadn’t defeated his opponent, so he wanted to beat Saitama, but even after his super-speed moves, he couldn’t cause any harm to Saitama.

Then Saitama ducked while moving playfully and caught Suiryu, who was sent flying against the walls, and thus despite the competition, Saitama lost, and Suiryu won, but Suiryu knew that he had lost a fight for the first time in their life. This was a fitting way to end the tournament. Most of the contestants have recognized Saitama, and this tournament will enhance his image in heroes. Saitama will soon have to face one of the monsters that are far above the dragon level. Mention in the comments section below what are your thoughts on the results of the Martial Arts Tournament in One Punch Man season 2.

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Release Date OPM Season 2 Episode 8

One Punch Man 2, chapter 8, is titled “The resistance of the strong.” It will be out on May 28, 2019.

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