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One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 4 Dubbed Online HD

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 4 Dubbed Online HD

The new episode of “One Punch Man 2” whose clear objective this season is to make Garou flourish as an iconic anime character. During the past week, we saw the fashionable villain put into practice all the power that he had accumulated over the years – until there was a fleeting encounter with Saitama – something that unfortunately did not happen in episode 4, which serves more positioning than live-action.

So, those who were waiting for a new sample of the fast-paced action that little by little began to rule the anime’s rhythm to arrive this week will have to wait patiently for seven days. Curiously, the culprit of this is neither more nor less than Garou himself, and it is that as a result of his various attacks against heroes of all kinds and types, he has caused the Association to be placed in a state of maximum alert by which everything executive and hero must begin to limit his movements. It is precisely thanks to this resource that one of the most charismatic characters in anime, Metal Bat, takes the shot, which will already be shown during the first season, although without the opportunity to look excessively. Fortunately, this is something that has started to change.


One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 4 Plot:

Indeed, we could consider that the protagonist of this episode is neither more nor less than the aforementioned Metallic Bat since it is on whom almost all the weight of the chapter falls both at the combat and plot levels. Only the occasional small intervention by Saitama in the form of humor causes Metal Bat not to get almost all the recognition of what is possibly the weakest episode to date of “One Punch Man 2”. In any case, this helps us observe how Bate Metálico is a hero with tremendous potential who seems to overcome all kinds of highly complex situations, as demonstrated by the duo of monsters that attack their protégés by surprise. Even so, It will be chapter 5 that will indeed show us where the limits of said character are currently, because while behind him there is a monster of a dragon threat, Garou arrives before him, who intends to continue adding victims to his history.

On the other hand, it would be expected that Saitama began to take his first steps through a tournament that, hopefully, will manage to leave us with a good dose of action. Likewise, it is curious to know that Garou himself already attended this tournament just a year before to end up proclaiming himself the most powerful of the same without really any difficulty. At the same time, we must once again emphasize how absurd and great the meeting between Saitama and Garou was during the past week because once again, we observe our protagonist full of doubts at the name of Garou, which, for his part, does not he remembers absolutely nothing of what happened after Saitama’s sharp blow.

OPM Episode 2×4 Spoilers:

In an episode that is somewhat slow and with little memorable -beyond some isolated action of Metal Bat-, the note about Garou’s psychology when treating monsters as something more than simple bags is of interest. Boxing for heroes. This is something that we observe him doing as a child, and which in turn gains strength from the various testimonies of the monsters in this episode, which present relationships of ‘kouhai’ and ‘senpai,’ or what is the same, an association of superiority and respect between the most senior and newest member. Are there significant differences between heroes and villains? It seems to be the question that they want to ask us, and it is that as Garou points out, both present their ambitions.

In this way, we can conclude that the appearance of Metal Bat, with all his charisma, is not enough on this occasion to carry with all the weight a chapter that mainly aims to position us for both the martial arts tournament and the new confrontation of Garou. So, next week should bring us a much more exciting show than this time.

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Release Date OPM Season 2 Episode 4

One Punch Man 2, chapter 4, is titled “The resistance of the strong.” It was already released on 30th April, 2019.

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