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One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 3 Dubbed Online HD

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 3 Dubbed Online HD

“One Punch Man” arrives one more week and continues to build its action around last week’s big surprise: ‘Garou, the human monster.’ The most charismatic addition of “One Punch Man 2” has finally had all the prominence it seemed to need to shine. The truth is that the anime’s sensations continue in a very flattering line -something necessary if we consider the impact of the change. It was established between the first and second seasons of the anime.

As we discussed last week, Garou’s psychology is different from that of any character or creature that has appeared in “One Punch Man” to date, a fact that can be seen even more clearly in today’s chapter. In pursuit of starting to make himself known, this -Garou- continues with his particular hunt for heroes to the point of even finding one of rank S, which makes it easier for us to know a little more about the background of the character. Thus, it is shocking to discover that Garou is a former student of Silver Fang., one of the most powerful heroes of the association and a recognized master of martial arts. His movements like water characterize him. Precisely, in the episode, Garou shows to have total control over the set of techniques and actions that he learned at the time from an ally of justice, which further establishes the difference between him and the rest of the villains that we have observed to date.


One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 3 Plot:

It is precisely the S-class hero, Tank-top, who perfectly describes what makes him unique after being defeated by Garou. As we have seen in the multitude of battles that Saitama has fought against evil forces, they always attack using all their power to slaughter their enemy without any consideration. Garou, on the other hand, makes use of his teachings and discipline in battle, which allows him not only to benefit from his superior strength but also enables him to use the power of his rivals against him. Against Tank-top, we can see the exact result of this, and some hints of this are used contrary to such an extent that your body does not react as it would like. One by one, Garou continues to defeat enemies, which is enough to make a name for himself among the association’s heroes. However, knocking once more on the door of disagreement appears Saitama, who, far from being impressed by Garou’s background, looks at his martial arts tendency.

Despite having undergone the most demanding training regimen ever seen, Saitama does not have any knowledge of martial arts, because after all, a single blow is all he needs to disable his enemies. However, the fact that he has never faced a user of this class makes his curiosity suddenly pique, which will then lead us to see him in action taking part in a tournament with a very juicy reward. Before that, however, an encounter difficult to predict occurs, both due to the meeting’s circumstances and how it develops. If so far, Garou had appeared like a cyclone ready to revolutionize the foundations on which the Heroes Association stands, a stroke of humble reality ends up causing that you probably have to review all your current aspirations very seriously.

OPM Episode 2×3 Spoilers:

In this way, a Saitama who was not even paying attention or having any intention of going into combat manages to ridicule Garou in two ways: ignoring all the damage from his blow and later knocking him out with a ‘chop’ of absurd force. It is on this occasion that we once again observe the disruptive nature that characterizes and gives so much value to Saitama, because in a serious context, with an increasing plot load, it is planted as an immovable force that nothing can tame. Similar is what happens with humor shots – blessed bananas – that neither a new season nor a new animation studio can ignore the fact that Saitama is in his dimension.

What will happen to Garou? The villain now has his former martial arts master and another master following in his wake, so it seems inevitable that sooner or later, he will have to face two warriors who know their arts and are recognized by everyone in the universe of heroes. On the other hand, we have yet to see how he reacts to the ridicule that Saitama has caused him, possibly prompting him to continue to strengthen himself because there is someone who will not allow him to carry out his plan to make the monsters prevail over him. The heroes. For all this, however, it still seems to be a long way off, and during the coming week, we will have to enjoy a Saitama wearing a magnificent knight.

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