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One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 11 Dubbed Online HD

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 11 Dubbed Online HD | OPM S2 11

“One Punch Man 2” was not in its best moment of form during the past week, in which a dense narrative – and at times unnecessary – left us with 20 minutes of little ‘passion’. This, fortunately, has been compensated with chapter 11, which has transmitted an impressive display of martial arts thanks to the figure of Garo, the great revelation of the second season.

Before leaping to analyze the action that we have been able to see this week in “One Punch Man 2”, it is necessary once again to place our attention on the fundamental problem of the Association of Heroes: many – most of them – are not real heroes. This claim stems not only from the difference in power that exists between those rated as ‘S’ rank heroes and ‘the rest’ but from the fact that heroism is viewed by many as a ladder to fame. In this sense, Death Gatling manages to be both a positive and a negative figure.


One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 11 Plot:

On the one hand, it is possible to see how Death Gatling himself identifies the root problem in the Heroes Association, and that is that having a hierarchy makes no sense whatsoever about a group that should solely and exclusively focus on protecting the weakest. However, while said hero adequately mentions the ‘discrimination’ between ranks, he is precisely sinning wanting to be recognized for his actions. In this sense, Saitama is always the best example of all, because being the most powerful hero that exists, and having already saved the earth from destruction, he continues to practice his life day by day as usually as possible.

Having discussed this, it seems easy to understand why Garo manages to defeat every class A hero, and also to do so in a way that ridicules all of them. Garo’s combat deployment is not only accompanied by rewarding animation-level work, something that has not happened consistently in this second season, but by ingenious choreography. Garo, using his characteristic combat style in which he uses the opponent’s strength to do damage to him, ends up on many occasions by knocking down these rivals using his weapons -except for when he wears his distinctive Water Fist-.

OPM Episode 2×11 Spoilers:

Likewise, the key in the difference in power of class A heroes and what is seen in Garo stems from a simple reason: a pure desire. Garo, from the moment he realized that he was on the side of the monsters, always knew that he had a complicated road ahead of him, but he was not going to put it aside for that. Neither pain nor any injury will cause his will to break, and it is that he demonstrates it time and again by exceeding his limits: first, defeating all the heroes despite the effect of the poison. Second, being face to face with Genos despite his injuries and thirdly, being able to put Watchdog Man’s movements into practice after having seen him only once in action.

Indeed, it is easy to conclude by now that while it is true that Saitama is the face of the franchise, Garo has managed to become the main attraction of “One Punch Man 2. This is due not only to his use of martial arts, something that logically can provide more spectacular situations than with the simplicity of Saitama but because he offers prominence to a very unconventional character model. We are not talking about the classic antihero who, after all, usually relies on justice – in one way or another – but about a character whose great desire is to become the greatest monsters of all. A path to glory opposite to what is usually presented and that, fortunately, is being a delight.

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Release Date OPM Season 2 Episode 20

One Punch Man 2, chapter 11, is titled “The Varieties of Pride.” It will be out on 25 June 2019.

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