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One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 10 Dubbed Online HD

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 10 Dubbed Online HD

One Punch Man season 2 offers another excellent episode last time. In this one, we got to see Saitama in all his glory. He, first of all, killed Bakuzan in his evil monster form with one blow as usual. Later, when Suiryu mentioned a martial arts expert known as Goketsu, Saitama immediately wanted to confront him.

We’ve been waiting for a great comparison episode this season, and everything has gone without giving one. The first season has set such high standards that we are not even considering the second season as part of it. We barely see Saitama get screen time, and he offended a lot of his fans.

It’s nice to see other characters get more attention, but this doesn’t mean that the character who gets the show’s name should get less attention. Everyone is here to watch him attack enemies, but we are all getting into monsters that threaten others. However, the ninth episode was released, and Saitama is expected to appear in the episodes. We saw Suiryu being attacked, and Saitama heard him call for help. So, Saitama will come to help him and fight the monsters. Therefore, finally, action will come from the beloved One Punch Man.


One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 10 Plot:

In some battling video game, Saitama is getting his ass poorly beaten by the King. All a new type of smartphone is in its beta mode, which Saitama came to know about, which helps them know about the monsters and backup requests that were not given to him.

A monster shows up at a hero association who has taken over an employee’s body to communicate the monster association’s message. The monster’s mouth is foaming, and from his head, worm-like antennas are coming out. The monster describes himself and tells everyone that he is from the monster association, and his name is Gyoro-Gyoro. The message which was interpreted was that the monster association would never lay a finger or harm any other civilian if their demand of building a society full of monsters without disturbance is granted, which looked pointless because, after a while, Gyoro-Gyoro killed a guy who directly leads to a war between heroes and monsters.

The monsters are reviewing the battle plan back in the monster association, which looks very childish, but the goal is very evil in which they are planning to exterminate all of humankind. Orochi is the lord of all the monsters in the monster association and is gross and big and to set an example, eats his disciples. Also, he seems to find Goketsu, who is dead.

Remember when Saitama kicked Garou when he tried to attack King and Saitama? He finally woke up but is too weak and tired and saw an A-Class hero but decides not to do anything and recover. But the A-Class hero saw him and follows him.

Genos body was utterly trashed in the last battle, which he is getting fixed in the lab and is getting some new upgrades. The scientist talks sense into Genos and tell him to take it lightly sometime and not every himself this much.

The revelation of the monster association claiming to destroy humans and their society cracks open, that worried everyone. Nuking the base of the monster that is city Z was suggested bt Metal Knight, who is an S class hero, but his suggestions were denied. New monsters become part of the monster’s association after hearing this news. Someplace in the deep forest, Garou is hiding at a small deserted house. Remember the kid who Garou was to meet occasionally; he also showed up there. At the same time, a group of A-Class heroes also arrived there to beat Garou, and it would be a good fight.

OPM Episode 2×10 Spoilers:

Suiryu tried his best to stop Saitama, but couldn’t stop him. Suiryu feared that Saitama would be killed. Instead, in an instant, Goketsu’s head came flying close to Suiryu. Saitama arrived again, and this time surprised, Suiryu urged him to make him his disciple. But Saitama refused. Afterward, Saitama took a walk with King, who also gave him a great speech about what it means to be a hero. Meanwhile, Garou appeared after being defeated by Watchdog Man. Garou claimed that he lost because he is trained to fight humans and not creatures like the guard dogfighting like a dog. After seeing King

Garou tried to attack him, but Saitama smashed him against a wall that he knowingly only hit Garou, whom he wants to face soon. Also, Sonic ate the monstrous cells so that he could get more robust and defeat Saitama. Now, coming to One Punch Man Episode 22 spoilers. This episode is titled “The Siege of Justice.” In this episode, we will see what the message of the Monster Association is.

Gyoro Gyoro will tell everyone that he wants monsters and humans to coexist, but that will be a tactic to soften humans. Soon Destrochloridium will kill one of the executives.

Fortunately, to nullify this monster, Superalloy Darkshine will arrive and save the day. Meanwhile, Orochi will eat Awakened Cockroach for his defeat, and Do-S will be saved because his ability seems useful to Orochi. Garou will eventually wake up and then decide to rest after another KO of Saitama.

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Release Date OPM Season 2 Episode 10

After discovering Goketsu’s defeat, Gyoro Gyoro thinks it will not be easy to conquer the world. Mention in the comments section below what your thoughts are regarding One Punch Man 2 episode 10. This episode will be released on Tuesday, that is, June 18, 2018. I am very excited to see how Saitama deals with his strongest enemies with just one hit.

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